10 best ways to attract girls

10 best ways to attract girls

10 best ways to attract girls

Women are attracted to confident men

The idea that women like confident men is almost a cliche, but it’s true. A confident tennis player might play better and more aggressively than an unconfident tennis player, but at the end of the day, he’s judged by how many points he scores in the court. And most of all, confidence is learnable. Check out this blog post on The Real Secret Of Confidence if you would like to go into more depth on confidence and the way to really develop it naturally.

Tell stories, and never brag.

Bragging screams neediness and reduced confidence. …I make a great deal of money and drive a Ferrari…. did I mention I make lot’s of money?!”

If you happen to drive a Ferrari, do not feel the need to tell a girl straight away. Instead tell interesting stories about your life so she can work out for herself whether you are successful and a person of standing.

Show your desire for her.

The desire of being desired by another man is extremely sexy for a girl. Be the man who goes after what he wants. Tell a girl “You’re the perfect mix of sexy and cute” (a great quote from Crazy Stupid Love) and don’t apologise for saying it.

Understand the role of Arousal in Attraction

Attraction isn’t just in the mind, it comes from a little adrenaline, and excitement. So you can create attraction by simply doing exciting things together (even if the conversation is a bit slow!)

Forget the pickup lines.

Yes, they have studied this. Isn’t science great? Not one but two groundbreaking studies of classic cheesy pickup lines appear to suggest that (SPOILER ALERT) they don’t work. Almost 90 percent of the girls in one of these studies rated those poor old pickup lines as extremely useless.

Something like 65 percent of the women surveyed in a Personality and Individual Differences article said they appreciate a simple, confident, and direct approach.

Can the cheesy lines, even if you’re trying to be ironic. In actuality, we tried to include a sample of lousy pickup lines in this list, but they’re all too bad.
Saturday Night Live / NBC

Just remember that a simple, self-assured “hello” will get you a lot further, and you won’t be as ashamed of yourself in the morning.

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