10 best ways to attract girls

10 best ways to attract girls

10 best ways to attract girls

Understand How to Attract Women from Her Perspective

The first thing you want to understand is that attraction works differently for women than it does for men. Some of you might say “that’s obvious”, but knowing precisely what the differences are is vitally important. As soon as you recognize how attraction works from a female perspective, you will find it much easier to create attraction, and to avoid destroying it. Or at least, when you screw up, you will understand what you did wrong.

Once you really begin to comprehend the secret of attraction, suddenly the issue of how to attract women becomes much easier to solve.

Dress in red.

A study from the United Kingdom attempted to determine whether the color red could influence social signals.

Researchers took photos of several men and digitally altered the color of the men’s clothing. When male test groups were shown the same images, they rated the red-clothed subjects as “more dominant.”

The study’s authors note that red coloration correlates with testosterone production in many species (although the color doesn’t really indicate anything about testosterone in humans). Bright red colors do seem to have some effect on the perception of possible mates, and in case you’re wondering, the effect can be flipped–men also rate women wearing red as more attractive.

Playful and exciting.

Women love the thrill of danger and excitement. They want to be rescued from the boredom of everyday life. If you can be that guy and supply the experience a girl craves, she’ll find you attractive.

To do so, focus on being playful around women. Joke around, be spontaneous, tease them, and tell interesting stories about your life.

And try role playing different circumstances. Ladies love role play. Pretend you’re hiding from FBI agents, and require a girl’s help to escort you to the bar unscathed.

The ability to excite a girl is like a drug — give her what she desires, and she’ll keep coming back for more.


Attracting women isn’t all about appearing attractive, it’s about being attractive from inside, and expressing your positive qualities to the women you interact with.

You can understand why self-loathing men struggle to get girlfriends. Should you play the victim and maintain a negative view on everything, women will repel you.

Learn to love yourself first before you can love somebody else.

The more you invest and ‘love yourself’ the more attractive you are going to be in the eyes of women. With this, you will find women come into your life naturally as a by-product to all this.

To become more attractive inside, take pride in your appearance, and focus on pursuing your passions.

Be adventurous, take up something you’ve always wanted to do. Maybe that’s an extreme sport like rock climbing, surfing or motorcross.

But don’t pursue an activity for the sole reason of impressing women. Do it because YOU want to do it. Whatever your hobbies and interests are, it’s extremely attractive if women can sense your passion in how you speak about them and the amount of time you dedicate in pursuing them.

10 best ways to attract girls

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