10 best ways to seduce a girl

10 best ways to seduce a girl

10 best ways to seduce a girl

Understand How to Attract Women from Her Perspective

The first thing you want to understand is that attraction works differently for women than it does for men. Some of you might say “that’s obvious”, but knowing precisely what the differences are is extremely important. As soon as you recognize how attraction works from a female perspective, you’ll find it a lot easier to create attraction, and to avoid destroying it. Or at least, when you screw up, you will understand what you did wrong.

Once you really begin to comprehend the secret of attraction, suddenly the problem of how to attract women becomes a lot easier to solve.

A sense of humour.

If you can make a girl laugh and show you’re fun to be around, she’ll associate positive feelings with you.

Attraction is an emotion, it’s defined by how a girl feels about you. Her attraction for you is not logically determined by a screening process — your job, looks, hobbies and interests.

Dull conversation kills attraction. As opposed to ask boring questions like “Where are you from?” Instead play the guessing game. “You sound as if you’re an Essex girl with that terrible accent of yours”.

Concentrate on showing your funny side, make lighthearted conversation and tease her senseless.

Attraction Switches are a Load of Crap Reason 1:

Women want different experiences

Do you think the follow women want the same experience?

The 18 year old party girl who’s just broken up with her high-school sweetheart and is exploring all of the possibilities that comes with moving out from home to school for the first time
The 27 year old book worm who just started to explore her love affair with Edgar Allen Poe and other great literary geniuses
The 35 year old cougar who craves the attention of younger guys because he husband of 11 years spends more time on the Xbox than he does with her
The 29 year old who has been trapped in an unsafe relationship with an abusive boyfriend for the past 2 years and has finally found the strength to Proceed

Do you think you could just flip the same switches with these women and they’d be on their knees unzipping your fly?

Do you think you could just follow the identical manual to turn all these girls into blubbering messes?


The party women wants to taste independence and so to attract her, you’d need to give her the experience of liberty

The cougar wants to feel appreciated and important so to attract her, you’d have to give her the experience of appreciation

Each woman is different and each woman wants a different experience. This means there is not step-by-step set of switches you must flick because each woman has a different set of ‘switches’.

Just in the same manner you want different things out of life than your parents and your mates, women also want different things.

But, it doesn’t just stop there.

10 best ways to seduce a girl

Keep your voice low and speak slowly.

A calming deep voice is very seductive. Think Joey Tribianni on ‘Friends’ and his famous pickup line “How you doin?” . Speak slowly and accentuate your words like you’re telling a story to captivate her attention.

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