10 best ways to seduce a woman

10 best ways to seduce a woman

10 best ways to seduce a woman

Playful and exciting.

Ladies love the thrill of danger and excitement. They need to be rescued from the boredom of everyday life. If you can be that guy and supply the experience a girl craves, she’ll find you attractive.

To do this, focus on being playful around women. Joke around, be spontaneous, tease them, and tell interesting stories about your life.

And try role playing different situations. Women love role play. Pretend you’re hiding from FBI agents, and need a girl’s help to escort you to the bar unscathed.

The ability to excite a girl is like a drug — give her what she desires, and she’ll keep coming back for more.

Show your sense of humor.

Rather than complimenting her and asking vanilla questions like “what do you do for work?” instead, tease her. Break her balls.

Tell her she looks like a low class stripper in that outfit. Or if she’s standing on her own, tell her she’s a loner and doesn’t have friends. Provided that it’s all tongue-and-cheek you can get away with it ?

Make her work for your attention.

Use your body language to position yourself so she must lean in to talk and fight for the attention. Ask questions to receive her qualifying herself to you. For example “I have zero time for boring women, do you do anything fun in your spare time?”

Attraction Switches are a Load of Crap Reason 1:

Do you think the follow girls want the same experience?

The 18 year old party girl who’s just broken up with her high-school love and is exploring all of the possibilities that comes with moving out from home to college for the first time

The 35 year old cougar who craves the attention of younger men because he husband of 11 years spends more time on the Xbox than he does with her
The 29 year old who has been trapped in an unsafe relationship with an abusive boyfriend for the last 2 years and has finally found the strength to move on

Do you think you could just flip the same switches with these women and they’d be on their knees unzipping your fly?

Do you think you could just stick to the identical manual to turn all these girls into blubbering messes?

No. Of course not.

The party girls wants to taste freedom and to attract her, you would have to give her the experience of freedom

Each woman is different and each woman wants a different experience. This means there is not step-by-step set of switches you must flick because each woman has a different set of ‘switches’.

Just in the same way you want different things out of life than your parents and your mates, women also want different things.

But, it doesn’t just stop there.

Tell stories, and never brag.

Bragging screams neediness and low confidence. “Pick me, please find me attractive! …I make lots of money and drive a Ferrari…. did I mention I make lot’s of money?!”

If you happen to drive a Ferrari, don’t feel the need to tell a girl straight away. Instead tell interesting stories about your life so she can work out for herself whether you’re successful and a person of standing.

10 best ways to seduce a woman

Women love to role play

Indulge her appetite for fantasy by making her your personal bodyguard and telling her to guard you from the other girls across the bar. Or pretend that you are engaged and then break up with her when she says something you don’t like. Tease her and tell her that if she makes up for it, you might take her back.

Learning how to draw women takes time and dedication, but in the long run it’s an extremely important skill to develop. Taking the time to work on this element of your life doesn’t just lead to fun times with new women at bars and nightclubs, it also contributes to better relationships, a better family and a better life down the road.

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